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AVERAGE function


Average function.

AVERAGE(range) computes the arithmetic mean of the contents of the cells in the specified range.

The arithmetic mean $\bar{x}$ is calculated as:

$$\bar{x} = \frac{x_1+x_2+\cdots +x_n}{n} $$

If one of the entries in range does not have a numeric value, but is empty or has a string value, then this cell will not be taken into account for calculating the average, or any of the other statistical functions.

The argument range can be a list of numbers, cell addresses, cell ranges (such as A1:A10).

Range can also be a matrix. In that case the function returns a matrix with one row and the same number of columns, with each element the AVERAGE of the corresponding column. If range is a row matrix, it is converted to a column matrix first.


AVERAGE(A1:A8) returns the mean of the contents of cells A1 to A8.

AVERAGE function



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