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Method comparison, method evaluation and agreement

Method comparison & evaluation

MedCalc contains the following statistical procedures specifically for Method comparison & evaluation:

Agreement & responsiveness

For analyzing agreement and responsiveness, MedCalc offers:

ROC curve analysis

MedCalc is the most commonly used software for ROC curve analysis in biomedical literature. See: ROC curve analysis features of MedCalc and MedCalc manual: ROC curve analysis.

Reference interval

MedCalc calculates reference intervals using the Normal distribution, a non-parametrical percentile method, and optionally a robust method as described in the CLSI Guidelines C28-A3.

See MedCalc manual: Reference interval

Control chart

The control chart is a graph used to study how processes or measurements change over time with data plotted in time order. Rules are applied (Westgard et al., 1981) to automatically signal when the process is out of control.

See MedCalc manual: Control chart

Youden plot

The Youden plot is a graphical method to analyse inter-laboratory data, where all laboratories have analysed 2 samples. The plot visualises within-laboratory variability as well as between-laboratory variability.

MedCalc draws the original Youden plot and common variations, including an adaptation for non-comparable samples.

See MedCalc manual: Youden plot