Customer Satisfaction Survey - April 2007

In April 2007 an independent research company (TNS Prognostics) has conducted a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey, sponsored by Microsoft as a benefit of membership in the Microsoft partner program at the Gold Certified Partner level. Ten companies participated in the study within Belgium.

Overall satisfaction

MedCalc customers' overall satisfaction is represented in the following graph.

NSAT score

Our Net Satisfaction NSAT(*) score amounts to 182 (100-120 is considered 'good'), which places us at the top of companies participating in the survey within our country.

(*) NSAT: A standard for measuring customer satisfaction based on the 'overall satisfaction' scores where NSAT = ('Very Satisfied' - ('Somewhat Dissatisfied' + Very Dissatisfied'))+100

Areas of strength

Our customers identified the following as MedCalc's areas of strength:

  1. Overall quality of technical support
  2. Overall quality of software solution

General feedback

Some of our customers' general comments:

  • "Excellent, easy to use statistical package!"
  • "MedCalc provides certain functions(e.g., ROC analysis) which staff and students in clinical psychology find very useful and easy to use. It thus fills an important niche which isn't filled by the larger stats packages we have access to (e.g., SPSS, SAS, Stata)."
  • "I like the free updates. This has been one of the main reasons for collegues shifting to MedCalc in addition to competetive features."
  • "MedCalc software appeared to be extremely user friendly by implementing suggestions of users for improvement of software very quickly and by a good dialogue/feed back."
  • "Enjoy the upgrades".
  • "I would like to see it ported on Apple OS X."
  • "Excellent feedback and advice."

Thank you

We thank our customers for having participated in the survey, and for their valuable feedback which will help us to implement several improvements in future versions of our software.

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