Customer Satisfaction Survey - April 2005

In April 2005 an independent research company (TNS Prognostics) has conducted a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey, sponsored by Microsoft as a benefit of membership in the Microsoft partner program at the Certified Partner level. Twenty companies participated in the study within Belgium.

Overall satisfaction

MedCalc customers' overall satisfaction is represented in the following graph.

NSAT score

Our Net Satisfaction NSAT(*) score amounts to 177 (100-120 is considered 'good'), which places us in the top 25% of companies participating in the survey within our country.

(*) NSAT: A standard for measuring customer satisfaction based on the 'overall satisfaction' scores where NSAT = ('Very Satisfied' - ('Somewhat Dissatisfied' + Very Dissatisfied'))+100

Areas of strength

Our customers identified the following as MedCalc's areas of strength:

  1. Overall quality of technical support
  2. Overall quality of software solution
  3. Overall quality of communications with MedCalc Software

Areas to improve

"Overall quality of training/learning consultations provided" was identified as an area to improve.

General feedback

Some of our customers' general comments:

  • "ROC, meta-analysis and survival analysis are very excellent features in MedCalc."
  • "MedCalc is a very easy to learn and to use. Users do not have to be an expert in statistics to use it. It's a great application."
  • "Truly easy to use. Great value!"
  • "I am impressed by the superb online help I receive going beyond just the software program, and sometimes involving biostatistical help."
  • "What's missing is a version that runs native on Mac OS X."
  • "Timely response to suggestions and needs."
  • "I have, when needed a couple of times, when I had forgotten my license number etc., had excellent and fast support."
  • "Company is responsive to suggestions and comments and I am happy with the overall service."
  • "MedCalc gets better year-to-year, not only cosmetically!"
  • "The number of variables in logistic regression is limited."
  • "This is an excellent product with great service. The free updates are also very much appreciated."
  • "I've used MedCalc from its very early versions on and I admire Frank Schoonjans for developing such outstanding and user-friendly software for medical statistics. I also particularly appreciate the user manuals."
  • "Have really enjoyed the software--future developments in improving the output options will make it highly competitive with SPSS. I am using MedCalc more and more and prefer it already to SPSS in many respects."

Thank you

We thank our customers for having participated in the survey, and for their valuable feedback which will help us to implement several improvements in future versions of our software.

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