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Allows to create a publication-ready summary statistics of several variables and possible subgroups.

Required input

  • Variables: select the variables of interest in the top left box and next click the right arrow button to move the selection to the Selected variables list.
  • Grouping variable: (optionally) a categorical variable that defines subgroups.
  • Filter: an optional filter.
  • Statistics: select the statistics to be displayed in the table: Sample size, mean, 95% CI for the mean, etc.
  • Options
    • Try Logarithmic transformation if distribution is not Normal: if this option is selected the software will perform a test for Normal distribution for all variables. If the data of a variable are found not to be Normally distributed, a Logarithmic transformation is attempted. If after logarithmic transformation the data are found to agree better with a Normal distribution, the transformation is applied and the back-transformed results will be displayed in the table.
    • Report variables vertically or horizontally: option to report the variables vertically (in rows below each other) or horizontally (in columns next to each other).


The results window displays the summary statistics table.

With the option 'Report variables vertically':

With the option 'Report variables horizontally':

To copy the table to Microsoft Word:

  • Open your document in Microsoft Word.
  • Activate the MedCalc results window.
  • Select "Select all" in the Edit menu, or press Ctrl+A
  • Select "Copy" in the Edit menu, or press Ctrl+C
  • Activate Microsoft Word and place the cursor where you want to insert the table.
  • Select "Paste" in Word's Edit menu, or press Ctrl+V

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